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Merchant Services Schaumburg

As a modern business owner, it is essential that you are able to take customer payments quickly, efficiently, and securely. Mobile, digital payment has supplanted the days of cash exchanges and personal checks. However, navigating the world of payment processing can be time consuming for the small business owner.

However, it remains important to give your customers multiple payment options, to keep your sales numbers at optimum levels. Enlisting the help of a merchant services provider like Windroot can help your business provide multiple secure methods of payment without affecting your bottom line.

Schamuburg Merchant Services Through Windroot

Merchant services from Windroot can take the hassle of payment processing and credit card services off your shoulders. Depending on the nature of your business our merchant services can offer you a full-scale solution for your needs. Credit card processing is a necessity for any business, and remains a cornerstone of our services, since more than 70% of Americans have a credit card.

Our merchant services include:

  • Mobile card readers. These portable card reader devices you can plug into your device’s headphone jack provide you with the ability to accept magnetic strip or EMV chip-enabled payments via your device. Then, access to a full-featured app allows your customers to sign, include tip and perform any number of tasks available on a regular credit card reader.
  • Point of Sale software. Our point of sale software can help you take credit and debit card payments, track sales, and manage your inventory.
  • Web store payments. For our ecommerce companies, web store access and payments allow your customers to pay remotely as they view your product or service selection. Hosting your own payment capabilities through our merchant services increases your customer reach and boosts sales.
Merchant Services Schaumburg

Why Choose Us?

At Windroot, we are business owners ourselves, with years of experience in multiple sectors inside and outside of the Chicago area. As a result, we understand the unique challenges your company faces, as well as the industry-level differences you experience as a part of your sector of business. We are here to assist you in increasing client access to your product or service and providing customers with more ways to pay you for them.

Ready for the Windroot Experience?

If you’re looking to expand and streamline your credit card and other payment capabilities, look no further than Windroot’s merchant services. Contact us with more questions or to schedule an appointment today.