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Accurate financials give you the power to make stronger decisions. Our audit services give you this clarity. We review and test key elements of your financial picture to determine your true financial position. We focus on high-risk areas. We interpret the data. We provide the context too. When combined, these pieces help you make more effective decisions to better run your business.


Offering a great retirement plan to your employees is the first step. The second is maintaining it. Following regulations. Adhering to plan requirements. Reducing risk. That’s when you call the experts. We’ll do the required testing. File the paperwork. Help you understand your responsibilities. So you can trust you’re in good standing.

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Governmental and non-profit entities who spend over $750,000 in federal funds during a single year are required to have a single audit performed. There are numerous complex compliance requirements related to federal awards. The professionals at Windroot Corporation have numerous years of experience related to federal awards and will help guide you through the single audit process including the required reporting. During this process, we will help you identify ways to mitigate risks and efficiently administer your federal awards.

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We believe the audit should function as more than a historical compliance activity — it should provide ideas and suggestions to improve accounting procedures and internal controls. Our process includes discussions with you to review your financial statements and the insights they contain — all to help you balance risk, value, and cost.

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