Our small business consulting firm is based in Schaumburg, IL. We advise businesses the best way to improve their current process. Our consulting services give them the ability to efficiently and effectively achieve their present and future goals. Having worked with hundreds of business owners for more than a decade, we deliver holistic financial, tax and business perspective that helps you think, plan and look ahead with added confidence.

Business Counseling - Small Business Consultants

Below are just some of the areas where the Windroot can assist you.

Business Valuation Services

We prepare formal business valuation reports for income, estate and gift taxes, divorce and other purposes.

Executive Compensation & Bonus Plans

The options for rewarding and retaining vital talent are many. We help you determine which options make the most sense for you, your business and your employees.

Value Enhancement Strategies

We deliver ideas for improving the profitability and cash flow of your business while mitigating risk. From small business strategy to above and beyond Windroot's experts are here to guide your business to success.

Business Plans & Financial Forecasts and Projections

A good business plan explains expected growth and forecasts future financial results. We help you articulate your plan, apply it to financial projections, and implement and update it over time.

Business Structure & Tax Planning Services

We assist with entity structure, transaction consulting, family wealth transfers and more. We help you understand your options and the tax implications, and then help you make and implement smart choices with confidence.

Benchmarks & Industry Comparisons

See how you measure up to your past results and industry high performers. We help you pinpoint areas for improvement to enhance strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Comprehensive Exit Planning

Choosing the best exit strategy involves a careful assessment of your personal, family and business goals and circumstances. Price is important, but there are many other factors to consider.

Due Diligence

We provide pre-transaction due diligence services to preserve and enhance business value by identifying and mitigating problems, as well as transaction due diligence.

Merger & Acquisition Representation

The sale or purchase of a business is an emotional, time-consuming and technically complex transaction. We partner with owners and their advisors to manage the total process, from clarifying goals through closing the transaction.

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Specializing in audit, tax, consulting, and wealth management. Expert Insights. Decades Of Experience. Customized Solutions. Services: Audit, Tax, Management Consulting.

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WindrootCorp is a firm is a small business consulting based in Schaumburg, IL. Most of our clients are located in the surrounding areas. But our reach expands across all 50 states.

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