You need a strategic approach to maximize your tax benefits, no matter your business’ structure. Our goal is to ensure you benefit from the full spectrum of tax savings. For business growth. For stability. We’re with you every step of the way – translating the complex world of taxes into a simple road map to success.


Tax laws change. Your life changes. It’s our job to understand the complexity of personal taxes and how it affects your financial well-being. We see the big picture. We recommend solutions. We help you reach your financial goals. With our tax services and accountants, you’re covered.


he tax laws impacting your organization are unique. Complying with these laws builds trust with your volunteers. Your donors. Your community. As a leader that’s served the nonprofit community for over a decade, we know the laws. And we know every dollar counts. Let’s partner together. We’ll take care of compliance. You focus on your mission.

State & Local

Moving your business into new markets is huge. There’s new opportunities. Customers. Unfamiliar taxing authorities. Don’t risk penalties trying to figure it out. Call us. We’ll do the legwork. We know your state and local tax requirements. We’ll save you time. Reduce your risks. So you can keep your focus. And move your business into new markets with success.


We’ve got a team of skilled CPAs. A robust suite of tax services. We’re ready to help you save.

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All You Need To Know About
The QBI Deduction

Download our guide to learn how the qualified business income (QBI) deduction can improve your tax strategy and decrease your tax bill. We cover everything from how to calculate the deduction, limitations, the rules of aggregation, and more. 

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Windroot Document Portal

The is a complimentary resource that allows clients to exchange important documents and information with Windroot CPAs.

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